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A recent study shows that more house buyers are seeking for luxury condo apartments right in the heart of the city, which offers sophisticated values that highlights the owner’s class.

A Business Director of an international group based in District 1, Federic wants to have an apartment in the city’s center to bring his wife and children to live here with him. After researching, Federic has picked up a condo apartment which is adjacent to the financial hub of District 1.  Federic said he chose this condo project as it is ideally located, has a low apartment density and boasts unique, premium design which would offer him an ultimate relaxing place after hard working hours.

Not only Federic but many expats working in District 1 are looking for an apartment in the heart of the city.

Explaining this trend, a property expert said that the fast urbanization has resulted in serious traffic congestion in the city. To avoid traffic problems, those working in District 1 prefer a home in the city center. Meanwhile, several apartment buildings in the core of District 1 are losing their appeal due to thick apartment density.

To have more space and comfort, buyers have switched to projects that are adjacent to District 1 and belong to the city center. While some projects in the core of District 1 have poor view blocked by many skyscrapers, adjacent condo apartment buildings offer a splendid view of District 1’s downtown, the whole city and Saigon River.

Psychologically, under the harsh pressure of modern life, everyone wants to enjoy pure comfort and relaxation when coming home after a hard working day. Therefore, it would be ideal to have a home near the office to avoid all troubles with traffic. Besides, the home must be the place for ultimate relaxation and enjoying life, through which the owner’s high class is proven.

After having a close look at property projects in the city center, Minh Nguyet, director of an import-export company, made her final decision to choose Millennium by Mastery. “This project has not only prime location but also distinguished luxury and design,” Nguyet said.

According to the investor, Millennium is a perfect blend between modern architect style and state-of-the-art interiors to offer the most luxury, private living space with timeless values. With its unique location, design and utility, this project is expected to become the symbol of a classy lifestyle. Millennium is forecast to revoke a fever in the segment of luxury condo apartments in HCMC in the near future. 

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